Senior Fullstack Software Engineer


Place of Work



90 000 - 120 000 CZK gross / month

Contract Type

Full-time, Contractor

Key responsibilities

  • Drive and support technical software development and architecture in the machine IT domain
  • Collaborate with engineers to enhance technology expertise and continuously search for best solutions
  • Work closely with software architects and platform owners, providing technical insights and guidance
  • Collaborate cross-functionally with different development teams across the entire company
  • Strive for high-level software quality and maintain comprehensive documentation
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of Rieter machines and their control systems, ensuring effective development and optimization
  • Establish best practices and introduce appropriate tools to enhance development processes
  • Lead and mentor junior colleagues, fostering their growth and development

Our stack

  • Frontend: Vue.js, JavaScript
  • Backend: .NET
  • Interfaces: OPC/UA, REST, WebSocket and more

Must have

  • 3+ years of experience with full-stack development, demonstrating proficiency in both frontend and backend technologies
  • Experience with service-oriented architecture, contributing to the development of scalable and modular systems
  • Ability to describe software using UML, enabling effective communication and system design
  • Excellent communication skills, including written and spoken English


  • Experience with automated software testing, ensuring the delivery of high-quality and reliable solutions
  • Familiarity with DevOps practices, including Azure DevOps, build pipelines, and testing pipelines
  • Knowledge of Jira, Confluence, and Azure DevOps for efficient project management and collaboration
  • Knowledge of any of the following technologies: REACT, .NET, Kotlin
  • Previous experience in developing software for industrial machines, providing valuable domain expertise
  • Strong understanding of agile software development methodologies, particularly SCRUM, ideally in an international environment
  • Proficiency in German, enabling effective communication with stakeholders

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Mariusz Szczepaniak

Recruitment Manager

‭+48 507 481 701‬

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